Audi Will Shine Like Jellyfish in The Future


New Audi models in the future will be equipped with OLED flat screens along with eight vehicle segments which together will create bright ribbon.

According to Stephan Berlitz, head of lighting and electronics with OLED is an extension of the pioneering efforts to integrate Audi LED lighting in their vehicles .


– The homogeneous visual effect would not be possible without modern LED diodes, which are individual points of light that need additional optical devices – reflectors or optical cables. On the other hand, OLED surfaces are themselves a source of light and thin plates have an attractive appearance. Easily, quickly include a small amount of heat generated, lasting several tens of thousands of hours and spend more energy than conventional light diodes. OLED diodes fit perfectly with the Audi because it combines high technology, maximum precision and great design! – Berlitz says.


This technology is developing and the Audi still need to work on overcoming the problem of the temperature limit of 80 degrees Celsius. Once it is settled, Berlitz expects these lights become a standard component of Audi vehicles. Also rumored that the company is working on creating three-dimensional OLED lighting

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