Autonomous Cars-Biggest Test so far From Volvo

100 autonomous cars will drive through Gothenburg
Volvo autonomous Volvo release 100 robo cars on to Swedish roads autonomous cars

Volvo plans to bring the biggest test so far of autonomous vehicles and public roads. In driving the streets in and around Gothenburg 100 cars will drive system for autonomous management.

Planned under the program Drive Me, vehicles spend long trail about 50 kilometers which will cover part of the highway , and urban areas , to include the average time they spend daily drivers in this city

Testing will focus on several key areas such as social and economic benefits of autonomous vehicles, and the need for improvement of transport infrastructure to accommodate this type of cars.


The study should show how much confidence to drivers in autonomous vehicles and how they will react to various situations while in the car.

The program will begin in 2014 and the first autonomous vehicles on the streets of Gothenburg will occur in 2017.


Video 1 ==>>

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