BMW Unveiled the Autonomous Car That can Drift and Slide

The popular fair CES, the automotive manufacturer BMW showed modified versions of the 2 -Series Coupe and 6 -Series Gran Coupe that can independently drive the route, but also drift in corners as driver profiles.

Video BMW unveiled the autonomous car that can drift and slide

Both cars are equipped with LIDAR system, radar that scans 360 degrees, ultrasonic sensors and cameras that monitor the environment.

The package with electronic braking and electronically controlled gas management controls that are standard in new models of BMW, prototypes can go slalom speed , precision change lane , even drift without any intervention from the driver , writes Wired.

This is the latest innovation of BMW, and the project began with Track Trainer program used GPS, markers and maps of the tracks Laguna Seca and the Nurburgring, and enabled high speed to cross these trails.

The new system over the last year was in the test phase , 14,000 miles and spent it in real driving conditions in the city and on the highway driving at speeds over 110 miles per hour .

See the VIDEO presentation looked like:

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