Can You do this ?….Car fanatic made McLaren F1 from scratch

Self-thought Auto-mechanic from Poland, Јatsek Mazur (48) spend 8 years working on hit project to build the super sport car, the unique replica of McLaren F1.

Replica McLaren F1 supercar

And he did it for only 20.000 euros, compared to the original model that is worth couple of million dollars.

His prototype was made with help of 30 friends and family members.

To fulfill his dream, Јatsek Mazur used the Audi engine parts and Mercedes brakes . All the other parts are from the junk-yard.

McLaren F1 super car is not the first replicated car that he made.

Јatsek has many projects in his garage like … Lamborghini Countach and Porsche 911, but the production of famous British car his was biggest dream.

To put it in his words ……….. “I just have to have it”

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