Corvette Z06 – The New Ncon on NAIAS 2014

American company Chevrolet has selected the Detroit, for I depictions new generation of the Corvette Z06. The model has a new engine and new transmissions. Affordable E and Z07 package, which makes the car faster than his brother sport leader of the generation C6 ZR1
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 NAIAS 2014
Largest newspaper from Corvette Z06 is the engine systems. It is brand new and consists of a 6.2- liter V8 engine which delivers LT4 least 625 CC and 861 Nm. Engine disposes systems directly Injection of fuel and deactivation of a portion of a cylinder under a little load, and is equipped with a brand new intercooler and supercharger. Completely new and proposed an automatic transmission. It has 8 degrees and 4 modes of operation and weighs four pounds less than the 6 – speed automatic transmission to the standard Corvette. For the people addicted to gearboxes Corvette offered 7 -speed transmission.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 NAIAS 2014

In the bid package is an optional Z07 Performance Package, which includes a large number of aerodynamic elements carbon , tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup, lightweight wheels , carbon ceramic Brembo brakes … During the tests confirm that equipped with this package , the model is faster on the road then the leading model from the older generation ZR1 .

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