Geneva 2013 – Ferrari LaFerrari a new Enzo with 963 hp

Ferrari finally showed us his fastest and most advanced car ever, having an exotic name, LaFerrari and hybrid propulsion with a total power of 963 hp!

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

And, yes, cost over a million euros!

The engine is certainly V12, with a displacement of 6.3 liters and power of 800 hp, but is now assisted by electric propulsion with a total of 163 hp, a joint force of 949 hp and torque of over 900 Nm. The plant is completely taken over by F1. KERS system collects kinetic energy during braking and then use the acceleration … Something like nitro power.

The performances are neck-breaking -speeding up hundred grand will be under 3 seconds, while accelerating to 300 km/h will be a whopping 15.5 seconds , which is about a second and a half faster than the model of McLaren, P1, which also has a hybrid drive and direct competitor of the new Ferrari. The maximum speed will be 350 km/h.

Yes, maybe somebody will cost a lot, however Veyron goes over 400 km/h. But, LaFerrari aerodynamics has developed directly from the F1 team, which means there will be amazing thrust surface, even more than many racing cars . In translation, you drive faster, better lies on the ground!

Normally, sequential transmission with seven degrees and two clutches, the fastest Ferrari ever, the brakes are carbon – ceramic, the body is completely made ​​of carbon – fiber. In fact, the best of Ferrari’s built into every detail. In LaFerrari even driver’s seat is set to the middle, as in racing single-seat.


The driver’s seating position and directly developed by Alonso and Massa …

Normally, the car in which the country participate best drivers in the world , cannot be cheap . LaFerrari will cost over a million euros, which is more than his main rival, McLaren P1, which has only 916 hp

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