"We are proud to sponsor Russ Wicks and the American Challenge team in their record breaking pursuit.  Their spirit of innovation and desire to explore new frontiers is truly worthy of our support and helps restore the cool factor to engineering."
Robert "Buzz" Kross
VP Manufacturing Solutions Autodesk Inc.

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

The American Challenge Technologies team has engineers with rich levels of consulting and onsite experience.  This enables the team to use a unique approach to find solutions to complex engineering applications by integrating 3D modeling, digital simulation, and computerized validation technologies.  ACT is capable of ground up vehicle development with detailed knowledge in utilizing advanced materials such as carbon fiber composites, aluminum, and titanium.



High Voltage Systems

ACT has experience in the development of high voltage systems and integration for vehicle conversions and prototypes.

Battery and Motor Cooling

The efficiency of a hybrid/electric system is detrimentally affected by heat.  ACT’s expertise in hybrid/electric system cooling can help identify issues and make improvements for optimal performance.

Battery Pack Development

ACT is able to offer battery pack development consulting by utilizing proprietary and custom-built tools.  ACT can tailor each design based on needs and availability of parts due to ACT’s modular battery cell packaging.


Control Systems


ACT has the capability to deliver custom-built electronic control systems for hybrid/electric applications.

Simulation, Testing, & Verification

In-house software and proprietary models coupled with the power of MATLAB enables ACT to provide rapid assessment of powertrain and hybrid/electric system design characteristics.



Engine Calibration

ACT offers in-house engine calibration based on engine/vehicle configuration needs.  ACT's engineers use various OEM software packages, MATLAB, and custom models to tune for performance targets such as fuel efficiency and emissions.


Powertrain systems can be simulated using software and models developed in-house.  This allows reaching performance targets quicker and at a reasonable cost.


Chassis & Suspension

Design and Development

ACT's engineering team has extensive design and development experience in automobile chassis and suspension systems.


With the power of computer aided design (CAD), finite element analysis (FEA), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), ACT is able to provide complete solutions with lower turnaround times and reduced costs.

Testing and Verification

By utilizing sound engineering principles, ACT is capable of testing prototype designs for performance and durability requirements.