Land Speed Record #1

World's Fastest Stock Car

In 2006, the American Challenge team, with driver Russ Wicks, broke the World Stock Car Speed Record in a NASCAR-spec Ford Taurus averaging 222 MPH through the measured mile.  The runs across the Bonneville Salt Flats broke Bobby Isaac's 216 MPH record set in 1971.  Wicks also drove the Autodesk Stock Car in a non-spec NASCAR configuration and made a 237 MPH one-way pass through the measured mile.

The "flying mile" World Speed Record for Stock Cars had not been broken in nearly 35 years.  Bobby Isaac previously set the benchmark of 216 miles per hour in September 1971 in a NASCAR Grand National-spec vehicle on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah.

Russ Wicks is now the only living driver to have set official speed records of over 200 mph on land and water, as he also holds the mile record for propeller-driven boats of 205.494 mph, set June 15, 2000, in the Miss Freei unlimited hydroplane on Seattleā€™s Lake Washington.

3D Model

The team utilized industry leading applications from Autodesk for advanced 3D modeling, visualization, and collaboration to break the world speed record.

3D Model

Read about how Autodesk sponsored the team to break this record: