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Brian Towey's News Coverage Overview

ACI Communications Director, Brian Towey

American Challenge team member Brian Towey has been around motorsports most of his life and has competed in formula, sports and rally cars, skiing and cycling.

Towey was instrumental in the success of Russ Wicks' previous World Speed Record and is committed to ACI's effort to break the World Water Speed Record.   He has managed ACI's communications since the inception, and continues to provide support.

Brian's fondness for "telling it like it is" often stirs up as much controversy as he averts (we probably should have fired him a year ago).   This section features overviews of ACI's miscellaneous news coverage by Brian Towey.

September 10, 2004   Popular Mechanics Magazine Feature

August 10, 2004   Extreme Boats Magazine Interview

July 1, 2004   Powerboat Magazine Interview

June 20, 2004   The Official Formula 1 Website

June 14, 2004   Reuters Top News Story

June 1, 2004   Journal Newspapers Monthly Feature

June 1, 2004   Sports Etc. Magazine on Reality Show

May 1, 2004   Media Inc. Magazine Feature

December 22, 2003   Powerboat Magazine on Reality Show

December 19, 2003   Statement Regarding Good Weekend Magazine Story

November 29, 2003   Good Weekend Magazine features Water Speed Record

October 25, 2003   Inside Sports Magazine article on Water Speed Record

September 30, 2003   Cincinnati Magazine covers Water Speed Challenge

May 25, 2003   Ultimate Athlete Magazine Feature Story on Wicks

May 12, 2003   Evening Magazine Feature

February 5, 2003   WIRED Magazine Features Russ Wicks on Cover

September 27, 2002     Hydro-Prop Website:   "Speed to attend USGP"

April 10, 2002     Techtv:   "Tech hits the waves"

October 1, 2001     BBC News:   "Rivals prepare for challenge"

September 3, 2001     Hydro-Prop Newsletter:   "Set to seek WWSR"

August 10, 2001     Puget Sound Business Journal:   "Designed for speed"

August 4, 2001     Seattle Times:   "Water Record Bid Planned"

August 4, 2001     Seattle Post-Intelligencer:   "Speed Racer"

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