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Good Weekend Magazine covers Water Speed Record

News Extra: Brian's Overview

Good Weekend Magazine

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper inserted magazine, Good Weekend, featured a 4 page story on the current challenge for the World Water Speed Record.   Good Weekend is a quality magazine, similar to the New York Times magazine, and has the largest distribution of any publication in Australia.   The November 29th article focused on Ken and Dave Warby's future attempt at the elder Warby's speed record.   You know me, I've got an opinion about this one too.

Greg Bearup's story is terrific and it looks like he "gets it".   I am trying to secure a copy and get permission to reprint the text on the website.   Words, however, can't and won't do justice to the photograph of Dave Warby in front of a decrepit shop, landscaped like the family's 90-year-old Ozark mountain hide-a-way.   If I were going to follow the Warby's lead and take a cheap shot (and I wouldn't dare) it might be that Dave looks like a poster boy for the "Darwin Awards".   I can hear him now "Hey mates, watch this!!!"

I want to be clear about one thing; as a kid I was a huge fan of Ken Warby (I kind of liked the 71' Trans-Am, too).   What we've got here, unfortunately, is simply another example of a guy resting on his accomplishments of 25 years ago, and another riding on the formers coat tails while parroting his comments (two examples in this article).   My synopsis of those comments is; Too much driving by the arse going on in Ozziland, and too much wanking going on everywhere else.   C'mon on mates, you can't be as clever as you say, it just ain't possible (grab another tissue, Dave).

My favorite line of the story is Bearup's reference to the "coalition of the willing", and the absence of France.   This puts the record-breaking stuff into perspective.   The Aussies and Brits stand with us when it matters.   At the end of the day, I wish all of them safety and success.

See you at the pub.   The first round is on me.

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