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Statement Regarding Good Weekend Magazine Story

News Extra: Brian's Overview

As a follow up to my review of the Sydney Morning Herald "Good Weekend" story about the Warby's and the Water Speed Record, I want to address something that was written in the story.

From the article:   Wicks says "You just put the computer program into the 5-axis cnc machine and the laser will have cut your boat out in two days.   We can have the whole thing built, from scratch, and in the water within three months."   The lasers will start beaming soon and Wicks expects to have his boat in the water for testing early next year.

I was thinking "cool, I've been working on the plans of my own personal Death Star, and this is just the tool I need to build it."   Much to my disappointment, it turns out that Russ was kind of misquoted.   To the best of his recollection, this is what was said.

When asked about some of the technology that American Challenge is utilizing:

Russ told the writer:   "Modern technology allows you to use composite tooling to speed up the manufacturing process.   You just put the computer program into the 5-axis cnc machine which can cut a boat-sized foam part out in two days."

"Once the molds are developed, we can have the whole composite structure built within three months."

"Our goal is to have the craft in the water, ready for testing sometime next year."

The world "laser" was only used in reference to the crafts stability and control system, as in "the laser gyroscopes will provide data to the onboard computer."

As a side note, one of our American Challenge Technical Team Members is currently a Unigraphics modeling engineer at Janicki Industries.   To learn more about composite tooling visit:

This is a good time to point out that sometimes things are reported in such a way that they may be misleading.   Most of the time I don't care, but in this case quotes were used when they shouldn't have been.

See my full review on the Good Weekend story:   News Extra

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