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On June 26, 1950, on Lake Washington near Sand Point, driver Stan Sayres and riding mechanic Ted Jones became the fastest men on water with a mile straightaway record of 160.323 mph in the Slo-mo-shun IV.   In July of 1952, Stan Sayres raised his own straightaway record to 178.497 in Lake Washington's East Channel.

Donald Campbell in a non-propeller-driven craft obliterated Stan Sayres record on July 23, 1955. Campbell's jet-powered Bluebird II averaged 202.32 mph over a kilometer course on Lake Ullswater in England.

In 1967 American Lee Taylor reclaimed the record that Donald Campbell had taken from Sayres.   Ten years later Ken Warby, an Australian made a successful attempt, which in 1978 he extended to 317.60 MPH.   Warby still holds the record, which has withstood all challenges.

1930's Record broken 11 times by Segrave, Don, Wood and Campbell
1931 (USA) Gar Wood first to break 100mph
1937 to 1949 (GB) Malcolm Campbell, 126.320 mph to 141.74 mph
1950's Record broken 8 times by (USA) Sayres & (GB)Campbell
1950 to 1954 (USA) Stan Sayres 160.323 mph & 178.497 mph
1955 to 1966 (GB) Donald Campbell 202.32 mph to 276.33 mph (1955, first jet-powered)
1967 to 1976 (USA) Lee Taylor 285.213 mph (1967, last record broken by USA)
1977 (Australia) Ken Warby 288.60 mph
1978 (Australia) Ken Warby 317.60 mph

1930's & 1940's (GB) Record broken 11 times by Campbell, Eyston & Cobb
1963 (USA) Craig Breedlove first to break 400 mph
1963 to 1982 (USA) Breedlove, Green, Arfons, Gabelich
1965 (USA) Craig Breedlove first to break 600 mph
1970 to 1982 (USA) Gary Gabelich 622.407 mph (1970, last record broken by USA)
1983 (GB) Richard Noble 633.468 mph
1997 (GB) Andy Green 714.144 mph & 763.035 mph

America's Cup:
1851-1983, Cup Held by Americans
1983 (Australia) Bertrand, Australia II
1987 (USA) Connors, Stars & Stripes
1988 (USA) Connors, Stars & Stripes
1992 (USA) Koch/Melges, America3
1995 (New Zealand) Coutts, Team New Zealand
2000 (New Zealand) Dickson, Team New Zealand
2003 (Switzerland) Coutts, Team Alinghi

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