Indigo offers Platinum MasterCard. As Indigo CardHolder, you can make Indigo Credit Card Payment on time to keep your credit history great. Indigo customers are offered with multiple payment options. They can pay their Indigo Credit Card bills & payments online with login, by phone or by sending mail using US postal address. They can also visit the store to make a payment in person.

With Indigo Platinum MasterCard, you as a customer can have an opportunity to access credit with less than perfect credit. So applying and getting approved for Indigo credit card is easy at However, keeping up with the credit card is a job. Mostly, it requires payment on time. And this is the reason we are here to guide you how to make on time payments with credit card.

How to Make Indigo Credit Card Payment

Their are many ways one can make Indigo Platinum MasterCard payments & billing. Let us discuss these payment options in below steps.

  1. If a customer is interested to make a payment online, he or she must visit to get 24/7 access to your Indigo Platinum account. Here, you need to login Indigo credit card account. Once you’re logged in with the login credentials like Username & Password, you’re required to access “make a payment” and use online payment gateway to pay your indigo bills online.
  2. Another way to make indigo payment is by mail. Please send your payments at Indigo address.
  3. Customers can also pay their bills on phone. Simply dial 1 (866) 502-6439 customer service number from your phone and follow the instructions to make payment on phone.


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