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Inside Sport Magazine covers Water Speed Record

News Extra: Brian's Overview

Inside Sport Magazine

The October issue of Australia's biggest sporting magazine, Inside Sport, had a full six and a half page feature on the World Water Speed Record.   Inside Sport is kind of like "Sports Illustrated" with an attitude, and more girls, wearing fewer clothes.   I liked it, but for me the story provided more questions than answers.

David is described as a "champion powerboat racer" and does look good in the photo that was used, maybe a little posed, but that's o.k. with me (until he starts calling other people media whores).   The picture was with a boat I don't recognize.   A brief perusal of the Warby website says that David is a contender for a rookie prize of some sort, and it seems (based on pictures with the "Good Weekend" article) he has been driving a different, older, slower looking boat than the one in the picture.   Any of you amateur "fact checkers" out there that have complained about my writing feel free to sort out the inconsistencies regarding David.

In this article it seems clear that David will be the driver of the boat.   In the "Good Weekend" article (printed after this one) Ken will be the primary driver, with David taking over later.   It is also acknowledged that Blowering Dam (the only location ever specifically mentioned in association with the next Warby attempt) doesn't have near enough water in it.   My understanding is that it is not known if it ever will again.   Looks like some drama in the Warby camp to me.

In this story the Warbys (for the umpteenth time) say that Wicks previously promoted himself as the "Fastest Man on Water".   The fact is that the guy maintaining Russ' website at the time (2000, as in 3 years ago) used a header that said "World's Fastest Unlimited Hydroplane Driver".   Now apparently, this upset Ken's sensibilities, as he believes (for some reason we don't care about) that Spirit of Australia is an Unlimited Hydroplane.   We decided "o.k. Ken, it's a bit of semantic sniveling, but we've got bigger fish to fry".   A visit to and you can see why Ken has his Speedo in a knot.   That's the story, so Ken please stop.

All in all, Carl Hammerschmidt wrote an insightful story that was fun to read.   It does make we wonder if the Warby's really intend to run the boat that has been complete (and dry) for 4 years.

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