It is very important to pay of your credit card balance before due date. This is because when your statement period ends, and a statement is issued, that balance is reported to the major credit reporting agencies as debt, even if you ultimately avoid interest by paying your balance in full by the due date.

Secondly, not making your credit card payment will ultimately let you loose different credit card rewards offered by card union or issuer. Especially, if you’re a high interest credit card holder, you may have to bear high interest and loss of plenty of rewards. To avoid this, you can also:

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To see in more depth that why paying credit card payments before due date time is important, go through the following guideline.

Reasons of Paying Credit Card Balance Before the Due Date

There are many reasons to pay your credit card bill before due date, or on time. Some of the six major reason are:

#1. Lower Interest to Pay

Some credit card issuer use the daily balance of cardholder to calculate finance charges. As a result, the cardmemeber get benefit from making payments earlier in the billing cycle. Consequently, due to low balance, the finance charge will be lower.

#2. Avoiding Expedited Payment Fees

By making credit card payment on time, you can avoid expedited payment fee. So, what expedited payment fee is? let us briefly. As many card issuers only accept online payment. They also offered payment after due date on phone call, but that will cost you a fee. This fee, although is not as high as a late fee, but you can avoid it by paying on time.

#3. Chances to Win Rewards

You can get credit card rewards such as free trips or additional cash back etc. by just paying on your credit card on time. Although it very much depends on the credit card you’re holder of. Because not every credit card issuer or credit card itself offer big and valuable rewards.

How to Make Credit Card Payment on Time?

As there are many reasons of paying credit card balance before due date, there are many ways to make credit card payment & billing. Most of the credit card issuers like Synchrony Bank, American Express, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, MasterCard, Capital One, CitiBank etc. offer multiple ways to make payments.

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However, some of the common payment options offered by these credit card unions are online payment, payment via phone, payment through U.S Postal service at their give Mail Address and payment at Store or financial institute (like Bank) branch. The most easy and efficient way to make credit card Payment On Time is Online Payment.

Credit Card Payment Online

Almost all of the credit unions and card issuer offer online payment facility to their customers and cardholders. Cardholders/cardmembers can make their credit card payment in due or full online on instant basis. They can use mobile devices on the go, apps and web browsers o their PCs to make payments 24/7 wherever they are.

Customer can pay off their credit bill by just logging into their credit card account. They can mostly sign up for free if they’re credit card holders. For instance, you can make Walmart Credit Card Payment by going through this guide. And there are many example of making credit card payment on time online. It also includes auto-payment or scheduling payment online.

This is the quickest and easiest way to make payment on time. All the other payment options are like mailing, calling or visiting the location are time taking and requires some struggle. Therefore, if you are serious to make payments on your credit cards on time, sign up to online payment methods.


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