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Management Team / Advisory Board

All members of ACI's executive management team have proven track records, each having built successful public and private enterprises.   Following is a brief summary of their experience:

Michael Bledsoe: President, Information Advantage Corporation.   Founded and directed a number of multi-million dollar enterprises in telecommunications, entertainment and real estate.   Bledsoe has taken companies public, and also co-authored "Telecommunications in the U.S., Trends and Policies" with F.C.C. Chairman Richard Wiley.

Bob Brown: Bob Brown has developed creative marketing solutions for a diverse group of corporate clients including; Budget, Meineke, MAC Tools, Raybestos, Rayovac, RCA and Toys”R”Us.   Brown has provided sponsorship sales, advertising and promotional management that has delivered bottom line results.   He has extensive marketing experience in Indy Car, NASCAR, NHRA and Trans-Am.

Ron Erickson: Chairman of eCharge Corp.   Founded and directed several multi- national companies, including Microrim, GlobalTel & Egghead.   As an attorney, Erickson worked with public health policy in Washington D.C.   Erickson was on the staff of the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, as well as with the Rockefeller Commission on Critical Choices in New York City.

Stephan Schier: Brings over twenty years of entrepreneurial talents to ACI.   Schier lead a team which patented encoding synchronized data onto an audio CD, managed development of watermarking technologies for Nippon Columbia Records (Denon) and instigated retail industry-first demonstrations of integrated employee and customer-facing wireless applications.   His accomplishments include a 1000 mile, Arctic kayak expedition on the Mackenzie River and acceptance as a member of American Mensa.

Brian Towey: Part of the management team that captured Wicks' propeller record, and originally inspired the formation of ACI.   A business entrepreneur and adrenaline sports junkie, Towey has experienced all aspects of motorsport. from mechanic to driver and now manager of communications for ACI.   He has also sailed 65 mile per hour winds on a sailboard near his home in the Columbia River Gorge, and camped his way to Alaska on a 16 ft boat.

Business Advisory Board Members:

Michael Caruso - President, Society for Internet Advancement, San Francisco
Kevin Davey - President, radius Group & Former Dir. of Licensing, Indy Speedway
Steve Huey - CMO, Polycom, Inc. & Former VP Sponsorships, Hewlett-Packard
Mike Jones - Former President, American Power Boat Association
Michael Kantor - Founding Member & Former SVP,
Michael Siemion - Co-Founder & Former VP Marketing,

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