Toyota unveils the new model FCV Hydrogen vehicle

Toyota at the fair CES unveiled its new concept FCV (fuel cell vehicle) which uses a combination of hydrogen and air as the car fuel.

The sedan with four doors, no emissions except water vapor and is basically an electric car without the need to be powered by electricity.

Expectations are that this car will enter into sales in 2015.

The combination creates water and electricity used to drive the car. Hydrogen works great with oxygen to produce water, electricity and nothing more.

Toyota unveils the new model FCV Hydrogen vehicle

For years this idea was rejected is a silly idea. It is true that there are many challenges, and one of them is the creation of a car that would be affordable for most people. The second challenge is what we hope you run or infrastructure of hydrogen filling – says a company spokesman.

The car can go 500 miles on a single charge.

However the problem is that the power stations, they would be extremely rare on the road.

Toyota invested in this technology for two decades and assumes that in terms of the prototype since previous model built in 2002, Toyota has reduced the cost of making the full 95 percent cheaper.

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