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Ultimate Athlete Magazine Features Russ Wicks

News Extra: Brian's Overview

Ultimate Athlete Magazine

This subject of fitness comes up regularly and a reporter asked me recently "what does Russ do to keep in shape?"   Fitness of driver / athletes in professional motorsports is now playing a larger a part in continuation (or cessation) of many careers.   Team owners have made this a priority, and journalists have picked up on this "human interest" aspect of sport.

Wicks is in excellent physical condition and maintains an organized fitness program.   As a professional motocross racer early in his racing career, an emphasis was always placed on conditioning.   In addition to working with a professional personal trainer (to help with discipline and variety), Russ emphasizes cardio-vascular specific activity on a regular basis.   He is an accomplished amateur runner and cyclist.

Russ is often invited to try new sports, and usually accepts.   The May 2003 issue of Ultimate Athlete Magazine includes a cover story titled "Fighting at the Speed of Sound" that chronicles one such episode.   The two-page feature, written by Michael Afromowirtz, centers around Wicks' visit to the Fairtex Combat Sports Camp in San Francisco and talks about pushing the limits of man and machine.

Wicks worked out with kickboxing champion Alex Gong.   They had met through a mutual friend, and Alex suggested that Russ might enjoy a few workouts as an opportunity to add some variety to his training.   Alex then proceeded to Kick Russ' butt.   View Photos

I don't know for sure how important conditioning will be to complete 2 passes that require maximum attention for less than 30 seconds each.   Time between the lights for a complete mile run will be less than 9 seconds, a kilo 6.   I've heard that it will be Dave Warby in the Aussie boat, he has limited experience and little of it is over 100 mph.   I don't know that Macknight has ever driven a race boat.   Wicks appears to be in significantly better condition and more experienced than either.   For those reasons, the smart money is on the guy (with the bruises) from Seattle (yeah I know, I was paid to say that, but it doesn't mean I'm not right).

Ultimate Athlete is available at 7-Eleven stores coast-to-coast.

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For a sample of Michael Afromowirtz's story:   "Fighting at the Speed of Sound"

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